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  • Hot Springsの効能と由来
    [ Ogoto Hot Springs Ingredients of hot spring water ]
    All hotels and inns in Ogoto Hot Springs use hot spring water for their baths.
    Except the case of emergency such as the machine trouble of hot-water-supply-system, hot spring water would not be diluted with running-water.Fountainheads are owned and controlled by Otsu city. City supplies hot spring water to all of 10 hotels and inns.
    Click here for information about ingredients of hot spring hater.
    Ogoto Hot Springs Ogoto Hot Springs
    [ Ogoto Hot Springs Effects ]
    [Quality] alkaline simple hot spring water at about 36 ℃. Clear and colorless.
    [ Benefits] Ogoto hot spring water is said to help relieve neuralgia, muscular pain, joint pain, stiff shoulders, paralysis, bruise, chronic gastritis, poor circulation, fatigue, and skin problems.
    [ Origin of Ogoto Hot Springs ]
    Once upon a time, there lived a snake that had 8 heads in a valley named 'Hebigatani'.Groundwater gushed out in the pond near the valley. When a sick villager drank some groundwater there, he got well. When a wounded villager took a bath in groundwater. The wound was heeled. When a villager said a prayer and threw in a coin, the groundwater bubbled and the villager got his wish. It is said the pond turned into Ogoto Hot Springs.
    [ Origin of place-name ]
    The name of "Ogoto" came from combining the names of a governor from Heian period and traditional Japanese harp.
    [ Onsen Jizo a stone statue of Jizo ]
    Overlooking the lake, a stone statue of Jizo stands alone on the lawn of the lakeshore park.Onsen Jizo, a stone statue, is named to wish prosperity of Ogoto Hot Springs.Some offerings and flowers are put in front of the well-kept statue.You will sense how locals love their hot springs.
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